Rise From the Ashes.

How Fynix Digital began.

platforms we use to drive your results

Cries From The Battlefield

I was standing there waiting for him, trying to wipe the sweat off my hands.

I didn’t even know what he looked like.

Then a middle-aged man came through the library door, looking a bit lost as he wandered about.

“This must be him,” I thought.

I approached him with a big smile…

“David?” I asked.

“Ahh Ron!” he replied as we shook hands.

“Shall we find a seat so we can get started?” I asked kindly.

That was how I met my first client. We met at a library in Sydney to give him my very first strategy consultation.

I had no money. No office. But what I had was a pure desire to change the digital marketing landscape…but let’s not make this a sob story.

Fast forward to today, Fynix Digital has been helping businesses – from local restaurants to life coaches – double their sales and dramatically increase their revenue.

You see, I first started out cold calling and cold emailing – and yes I was one of those annoying guys calling you out of the blue – but stay with me here.

Over ⅓ of the business owners I spoke with have been badly burnt by digital marketing agencies in the past.

I heard it all.

“We paid them $5000 a month and got nothing. We couldn’t get our money back…”

“They never returned my calls or emails…”

“There was absolutely no increase in traffic…it was the single biggest waste of my time and money…”

“We had to call our bank to stop them from deducting more money, even after we’ve told them we didn’t want their services anymore…”

It was a battlefield out there – and businesses were getting slaughtered…

The Rebirth of Digital Marketing

Realising this gaping hole in the marketplace, I started Fynix Digital…a digital marketing agency focused on two things, and two things only…

Unparalleled Customer Service

We not only give you exceptional service but an awesome experience. We’re a down-to-earth team that offers 24/7 customer support. Gone are the days waiting forever for a reply or wondering if we got your message…when you’re using any of our services, you get direct instant communication with the team. And with everything we do, we explain the processes, make the technical stuff a breeze, and hold your hand every step of the way as you transform your business into a profit-making machine. We make your life so much easier.

Outstanding Results

Profit is the name of the game. If your marketing isn’t profiting…it’s a liability. We use proven direct-response marketing strategies to get you an outstanding return on investment. That means for every dollar you put in, we expect you to get $2, $5 or even $10 out. How is this done? We only use strategies and advertising channels guaranteed to make you money. In fact, we’re so confident in our methods that we’re willing to work for free if you don’t get the results we promised. We couldn’t care less about short term gains because we want you to win in the long run. When you succeed, we succeed.

Can You trust with delivering marketing results?

Here's What Our Clients Have Said About Us

James J. Luigi's Pizza Bar - Owner

“Fynix helped us to revamp our website to a more modern, interactive, and user-friendly style! They used various techniques to pin-point our audience and make us more appealing to our target demographic.

They listened carefully and made sure the new website was consistent with our vintage theme which represents our traditional methods of making pizzas.

Fynix did an amazing job, with on-going consultation to this day. They went above and beyond what was expected with great communication and progress throughout the process.

They also introduced more effective means to rank us higher on Google through Search Engine Optimization, putting us on first page for “pizza north ryde”! Would not hesitate in working with them again and recommending them to others. Great job Ron and team!”

Michael P. Orthos Consulting Engineers - Owner

"Ron has been outstanding to work with. I always had a vision of how I wanted my website, but was limited in terms of marketing knowledge. Ron took the website to the next level in terms of design and marketing and I have been very satisfied with the results.

Also with a tight budget, he has been maximizing my exposure with Google Ads.

He is honest, reliable and to the point. Ron gets RESULTS!"

Emily D. Financial Wellness Coach

“Fynix made a professional and functional website for my business.

They were very professional and were able to take my content and turn it into a website that was conversion-focused and optimised for mobile.

They also worked on the SEO of the website to ensure it could be found by my clients.

They were easy to work with and the turnaround was super quick. I would highly recommend Fynix to other businesses looking to build or redesign a website!”

Garry U. Your Garage - Owner

"Ron at Fynix Digital did a fantastic job with our new website.

On time with great communication and IT skill we felt in safe hands. Highly recommend!!" Garry (YourGarage)

    Our Services

    Web Design

    Websites and landing pages built differently. Our aesthetic hyper-conversion websites turns cold visitors into screaming buyers.

    Search Engine Optimisation

    Get more leads through search engine marketing. Rank your website higher on Google where thousands of people are searching for your exact service in Sydney each month.

    Conversion Rate Optimisation

    Getting traffic to your site is half the battle. Turn more of your digital traffic into hungry buyers and leave less money on the table.

    Facebook Ads

    70% of the population are on Facebook. Target the biggest portion of your market and get high quality leads from the biggest social media platform.

    Google Ads

    Take your marketing to the next level. Drive more traffic to your website through paid marketing on Google, and get clicks from thousands of laser targeted searches each month.

    Email Marketing

    Broadcast high converting emails that will get those sitting on the fence to finally buy. In fact, on average, email marketing gives you $44 for every $1 you put in.


    We’re extremely dedicated to maintaining the high quality of work with our clients, that we only choose to work with a select few each month.

    So if you’d like a taste of how we can grow your business, hit the button below to get your free 60-minute strategy consultation where we give you your very own tailored marketing blueprint.

    Are We A Good Fit?

    If you want a big agency who will run you cutesy branding campaigns, does exactly what you tell them to like soldiers, and overpriced services…then our small agency is not for you.

    But if you want a dedicated team willing to go to great lengths to see you succeed, attentive campaigns that get you measurable results, and experts that give you what you need, not what you want, then you’ll enjoy partnering with us.

    You see, most businesses try to market like the big boys… companies like Coca-Cola, BMW, McDonald’s and other companies making millions in revenue and have thousands of employees.

    They go for massive branding campaigns.

    Unfortunately, for small and medium-sized businesses, this is a colossal waste of time and money. It’s defensive.

    Instead, you should be on the offensive…getting your offer across to as many interested prospects as possible, and making more money than you spend.

    This is direct-response marketing. ROI focused, data-driven campaigns.

    It’s designed to help you penetrate your target market…deep into enemy territory where you can do the most damage.

    To help you dominate your market, we want to give you a free custom digital strategy where I analyse your business and give you an exact step-by-step formula for exponential growth.

    60-minutes could set you up for the rest of your business career. Click the button below to claim your marketing blueprint.

    Values We Hold on a Pedestal

    Our mission is to help businesses reach their growth potential through effective digital marketing

    People First

    Your growth and the growth of our team members are a top priority. We care about your business as much as you do. We’re highly responsive and not only deliver results, but make sure its an enjoyable and fulfilling experience for you.

    Strive For Excellence

    We’re focused and extremely dedicated to the work we do for you. We go above and beyond what’s expected to give you unmatched results, and do all we can to help your business with reliable services. There’s nothing more important to us than high-end customer service and ground-breaking results.

    Long Term Relationships

    We focus on long-term relationships to help you smash your long-term goals as well as your short term goals. We make everything a seamless process and walk you through every step of the way to get your where you want to be. Even long after we’ve stopped working together, you’ll still have our support.

    No Bull***t, Just Great Marketing Results

    Here’s what you get with any of our agency services

    No Lock-In Contracts

    We don’t believe in taking hostages and let the services speak for themselves.

    No Set Up or Exit Fees

    We like it simple. You will never have to pay for getting a campaign set up or exiting a campaign.

    100% Transparent

    We're an agency that believes long-term relationships are built on trust. This is why we don’t keep secrets from you. From our reporting to our fees, we have nothing to hide.

    Unparalleled Customer Service

    We really care about you. We have lightning fast response times and 24/7 support with your marketing campaigns. Any issues or problems that arise are easily dealt with through our instant communication. We also offer free unlimited advice with any digital marketing related topics - even if it isn’t one of our marketing services.

    Unlimited Campaign Suspension

    In the event that you can’t pay for the next month due to unforeseen circumstances, simply tell us and we’ll pause your campaign until you can.

    Ready for More Customers?

    If you’re ready to seriously skyrocket your leads and sales, and achieve more freedom, click the button below to get elite strategies injected straight into your business for free.