The Craziest Return On Investment You'll Ever Get

$1 in…$44 out. That’s the average Return On Investment of Email Marketing. Build loyalty, increase lifetime value and get more referrals than ever before through email marketing

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The Secret To Unlimited Sales Is Effective Email Marketing

You’re stuck.

You’ve taken all the steps to get your business to grow but you’re still not satisfied with your revenue…

Your sales are dwindling and your customers aren’t returning to your business as often as you’d like.

You’re already spending hundreds if not thousands on marketing to get people through the door. It’s starting to cost you more and more for fewer results.

And with such slow growth, you aren’t hitting your business goals and feel like your competitors are eating you up.

Fortunately, there’s a simple solution…good ol’ email marketing.

You see, 97% of people who come across your business aren’t ready to buy from you. If you don’t have a system that nurtures these prospects…you’re leaving a lot of money on the table.

Effective email marketing will generate you millions in revenue and profits. The best part? It’s a sales producing machine that will almost cost you nothing!

It also allows you to build loyalty with your existing customers to get them coming back again and again…and again!

Turn your email into a cash producing beast by booking a Free No-Obligation Strategy Session

In this one-on-one consultation, we’ll analyse your business and study to give you a tailored marketing strategy…free.

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The Easiest Way To Multiply Your Dollars

Here’s what you get with our email marketing services:

No Lock-In Contracts

We don’t believe in taking hostages and let the services speak for themselves. If you are in any way dissatisfied with the work we do, we have a no questions asked, contract cancellation policy.

No Set Up or Exit Fees

We like it simple. You will never have to pay for getting a campaign set up or exiting a campaign.

100% Transparent

We're an agency that believes long-term relationships are built on trust. This is why we don’t keep secrets from you. From our reporting to our fees, we have nothing to hide.

Unparalleled Customer Service

We really care about you. We have lightning-fast response times and 24/7 support with your campaign. Any issues or problems that arise are easily dealt with through our instant communication. We also offer free unlimited advice with any digital marketing related topics - even if it isn’t one of our services.

Unlimited Campaign Suspension

In the event that you can’t pay for the next month due to unforeseen circumstances, simply tell us and we’ll pause your campaign until you can.

Can You trust with delivering marketing results?

Here's What Our Clients Have Said About Us

James J. Luigi's Pizza Bar - Owner

“Fynix helped us to revamp our website to a more modern, interactive, and user-friendly style! They used various techniques to pin-point our audience and make us more appealing to our target demographic.

They listened carefully and made sure the new website was consistent with our vintage theme which represents our traditional methods of making pizzas.

Fynix did an amazing job, with on-going consultation to this day. They went above and beyond what was expected with great communication and progress throughout the process.

They also introduced more effective means to rank us higher on Google through Search Engine Optimization, putting us on first page for “pizza north ryde”! Would not hesitate in working with them again and recommending them to others. Great job Ron and team!”

Michael P. Orthos Consulting Engineers - Owner

"Ron has been outstanding to work with. I always had a vision of how I wanted my website, but was limited in terms of marketing knowledge. Ron took the website to the next level in terms of design and marketing and I have been very satisfied with the results.

Also with a tight budget, he has been maximizing my exposure with Google Ads.

He is honest, reliable and to the point. Ron gets RESULTS!"

Emily D. Financial Wellness Coach

“Fynix made a professional and functional website for my business.

They were very professional and were able to take my content and turn it into a website that was conversion-focused and optimised for mobile.

They also worked on the SEO of the website to ensure it could be found by my clients.

They were easy to work with and the turnaround was super quick. I would highly recommend Fynix to other businesses looking to build or redesign a website!”

Garry U. Your Garage - Owner

"Ron at Fynix Digital did a fantastic job with our new website.

On time with great communication and IT skill we felt in safe hands. Highly recommend!!" Garry (YourGarage)

    Turn Your Email Into A Sales Producing Machine

    Email is the secret superweapon that nobody ever tells you about.

    In fact, on average, email marketing returns a return on investment of 4300%…that’s

    $44 of profit for every dollar invested. Crazy right?

    For this reason, you’d have to be absolutely coconuts to not be sending out personalised emails that nurture your customers.

    But most businesses get email wrong…

    They send out emails all week long asking their list to “BUY MY STUFF”. These emails never get opened. Never get read. And never make you any actual money.

    Instead, emails should give value and take your audience one step closer to their desired outcome. Doing this lets them know, like and trust you.

    This strategy is so effective that you’ll build die-hard fans that keep buying from you again and again!

    Get your email cranking out cash by booking a Free 60-Minute Marketing Consultation. Here’s how it works…

    First, we’ll analyse your business goals to determine the best possible offers you could make.

    Then we’ll research your target market and build a customer persona to understand their biggest fears, pain points and deepest desires.

    And with all this information, we’ll put together an ironclad email marketing strategy that’ll knock your business out of the park…for free! 

    But this opportunity is closing fast as we can only take in a few consultations each month (we’re surprised how popular it got!). Don’t miss out this month by hitting the button below.

    Do You Have the Guts For Explosive ROI?

    Email marketing isn’t for everyone…Is it right for you?

    Email marketing is perfect for you if:

    The Cost-Effective Way To Produce Revenue

    We’re a hardworking, down-to-earth team of experts ready to take your business to the next level. Here’s how:

    Customer Persona Creation

    Resonating with your audience is the key to persuasive emails. At the start of the campaign, we’ll build an avatar of your ideal customer to feel what they feel and communicate with them flawlessly. By knowing your dream customer’s pain points, deepest desires and fears, we can capture and hold their attention more effectively.

    Pre-Sales Sequences

    These email sequences are designed to turn on the fence people in your email list to adrenaline-rushed buyers. We do this by sending personalised emails that provide value and educate your list. This gets them to know, like and trusts your business making them primed to buy. Includes: Welcome Series, Value Series, Newsletters etc.

    Post-Sales Sequences

    We get you more reviews, testimonials, case studies and referrals through direct-response style emails that get existing customers to take action. These emails are sent after a customer has made a purchase and include: Upsell Series, Review Request Series, etc.

    Content Creation

    We build loyalty and deliver higher conversions to increase your revenue and sales. We do this by crafting educational value pieces that your email list will love, and irresistible direct-response sales letters that persuade even the most uninterested prospects to customers that buy from you again and again.

    And Much Much More!

    We also A/B Test and Optimise the campaign to make sure only the best emails are being read by your list. Every month you’ll get a transparent report. We’ll walk you through the metrics and key performance indicators so you know how well the campaign is performing. You’ll get a deep understanding of how we’re hitting the mark so you never miss a thing with your investment.

    Focused on Results

    We’re an ROI driven digital marketing agency.

    This means that for every $1 you spend in your marketing – we get you $2, $3 or even $10 in return.

    We don’t care about clicks, likes, shares or other vanity metrics.

    We only care about things that grow your business. Whether that’s more leads, more sales or more revenue.

    Ready for More Customers?

    If you’re ready to seriously skyrocket your leads and sales, and achieve more freedom, click the button below to get elite strategies injected straight into your business for free.