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Convert Visitors Into Paying Clients With a Stunning High-Performance Website

Stand Out From Your Competitors With a Custom Design

Our conversion focused designs are 100% custom-made and tailored to your business. We don’t use any plug-and-play templates. Your competitors will be left jealous whenever they compare their site to yours!

Generate More Lead and Sales with Conversion-Focused Copywriting

Most websites have text that’s boring and filled with jargon. And while it may sound “professional”, the reality is – no one is reading it. Conversion-focused copywriting grabs your visitors attention and persuades them to take action. This results in more opt-ins, inquiries and leads from your website!

Give Your Visitors Amazing User-Experience with Fast Loading Speed

Fact: the slower your website is, the less conversions you get. This is why it’s so important to have a fast loading website. A high-performance website is built for speed and great customer experience.

Build a Revenue Producing Asset Using a Lead-Magnet

Your new website comes with a powerful lead attraction tool – a lead magnet. A lead magnet allows you to build an emailing list by capturing a visitor’s name and email as they opt-in for the downloadable. This allow’s you to stay on top of their mind through proper email marketing!

Have Peace of Mind With
Bulletproof Security

Hackers can ruin your business reputation and cause a loss in revenue. We make sure that your website is safe from scammers and hackers. You’ll never have to worry about important information going into the wrong hands!

Reach the Top Page of Google Easier with an SEO Friendly Website

We build websites that Google love. A high-performance website is primed and ready to reach the top of the search results. This allows you to save time and money while gaining more visibility in the search engines.

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Chatbot Installation

$240 Value

With a chatbot on your website, customers can connect with your business with zero-waiting time. A greater user experience means more people are likely to convert!

Heatmap and User Session Recording Software Installation

$240 Value

Find out what users are doing on your site! Use heatmapping and video recording to find out what your visitors are clicking and reading.

Total Value: $480

FREE when you claim your mockup this month

A Website Engineered For Business Growth

Business is ruthless.

And it’s even harder when you’re not getting enough leads, sales and clients.

Because let’s face it: Sales is the oxygen of your business.

Without consistent leads or referrals, your business slowly dies.

Without a predictable selling system – without an asset that turns strangers online into paying clients – growing your business is like trying to get to the moon with a bicycle! 

It’s a no-brainer that to get leads online – you first need a website. But it’s the TYPE of website that really matters.

And many business owners are making a deadly mistake…

A mistake that is costing them thousands, sometimes millions of dollars each year.

But it’s not their fault. They’ve been lied to by designers, gurus and “web developers” for years.

What’s this mistake? 

It’s simply forgetting the TRUE purpose of a business website: turning traffic into high-quality leads for the business.

The truth is, it doesn’t matter how cool or flashy your website is. It doesn’t matter how many cool animations or scrolling effects your website has.

If it doesn’t generate you leads or sales – it’s just an expensive billboard.

Let me clarify…

What you need is a website that’s not only stunning, but converts visitors into clients.

What you need is a sales machine that gets you results consistently.

What you need is a digital asset that makes you money over and over and over again.

What you need is a website built by marketers, not by designers.


The High-Performance Website

A high-performance website is engineered to do one thing…

Turn visitors into leads – without being salesy or pushy.

Every section – every component – is designed to do this one task.

Here are some examples of our conversion-focused designs:

So what really separates a sales-focused website from a normal business website?

It’s all got to do with the layout and the copywriting.

A high-performance website isn’t filled with boring text that’s riddled with jargon (be honest, have you ever read the text on a website from top to bottom?). 

Instead, it’s filled with conversion-focused copy written by a seasoned direct-response copywriting expert.

Then the layout. 

Each section of the website is specifically arranged for maximum conversions. This layout has been perfected from years of research, testing and data. None of this comes from “theories” or guessing.

With a stunning high-performance website, you'll be able to:

Just imagine a website that churns out leads and sales consistently.

What would it mean for your business?

Would it mean being able to expand?

Would it mean being able to hire more staff?

Would it means spending less time on getting clients, and more time running the business?

Whatever your business goals are, a high-performance website will accelerate the speed at which you get there.

Who Are We To Make Such Claims?

We’re a digital marketing agency in Sydney focused on two things – outstanding customer service and fantastic results.

Our proven high-performance websites have helped hundreds of businesses get the unfair advantage over their competition. It’s also helped them reach their business goals faster.

To tell you the truth: We’re obsessed building great websites that produce real results for hard-working business owners like you!

Here's What Happy Clients Have Said About Our Conversion-Focused Websites

“Fynix helped us to revamp our website to a more modern, interactive, and user-friendly style! They used various techniques to pin-point our audience and make us more appealing to our target demographic.

They listened carefully and made sure the new website was consistent with our vintage theme which represents our traditional methods of making pizzas.

Fynix did an amazing job, with on-going consultation to this day. They went above and beyond what was expected with great communication and progress throughout the process.

They also introduced more effective means to rank us higher on Google through Search Engine Optimization, putting us on first page for “pizza north ryde”!

Would not hesitate in working with them again and recommending them to others. Great job Ron and team!”

Luigi’s Pizza Bar

“Fynix made a professional and functional website for my business.

They were very professional and were able to take my content and turn it into a website that was conversion-focused and optimised for mobile.

They also worked on the SEO of the website to ensure it could be found by my clients.

They were easy to work with and the turnaround was super quick. I would highly recommend Fynix to other businesses looking to build or redesign a website!”

Financial Coach

Our Easy 3-Step Process

Mockup Questionnaire and Discovery Call

As soon as you request your free mockup from this page, you'll be emailed a mockup questionnaire. This questionnaire will help us get the idea of the website you're after. It'll ask for things like the pages you'd like on the site, websites you like the look of, and colours you'd like for the website. We'll also give you a quick call to hear more about your business and vision for the website.

Mockup Viewing

As soon as you submit the Mockup Questionnaire, our team of designers will get straight to work! In just 3-5 business days, your mockup will be ready! We'll then send you a link for viewing the design.


If you like the design of the mockup, we'll put together a proposal. And if not, then no hard feelings! A conversion-focused website isn't for everyone. We just kindly ask that our designs don't get used somewhere else.

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See the design of your website before you sign or pay for anything with this no-obligation free website mockup. There’s no risk to you!


For individuals and small businesses that are looking to show their services and work online.




For small businesses focused on growth




For small to medium sized businesses that want to crush the competition.



"But I Already Have a Website"

No problem! You can still get a free website mockup for your redesign without signing or paying for anything!

In fact, most business owners we build websites for already have an existing website. 

But what does this mean for you?

Well, you still get this amazing deal of 50% off your redesign!

We’ll redesign any existing website and turn it into a high-performance lead generating machine.

The cost of the redesign will depend of the number of pages you already have, your existing rankings on Google, as well as other factors.

Click the button below to get a FREE Custom Mockup for your new website.

Other Websites
The High-Performance Website

Other Business Websites

High-Performance Website

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the payment process look like?

Before starting work, we take a 50% deposit for the website. Then, once all rounds of revisions are complete, we ask for the rest of the payment before the website goes live.

Why does the website take so long to build?

Others may promise a 12 day, or even 7 day turn around. But your website may be rushed to finish the project and get the next client started. 

On the other hand, a high-performance website is built by highly trained digital marketers. Unlike other web design agencies, we take the time and care of doing the marketing research, planning, tweaking and fine-tuning so that the design, layout and copywriting of the website performs.

What if I don't have hosting or a domain name?

We can get you set up with our high-speed hosting service! We can also register you a domain name.

Do you only work with WordPress?

Yes. We only work with WordPress websites.

What will you need from me?

During the process, we'll ask you to send over any files, images, logos or text you'd like put on the website. 

What if I don't want copywriting?

No worries! We'll hand over the website without any text so that you can hire a copywriter or write copy on the website yourself. The cost of copywriting will be taken away from your total payment.

Get Your Free Custom Mockup Today

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So what’s stopping you from getting this free mockup today?

Again, there’s no-obligation to choose us after you view the mockup.

You either like the design or you don’t. And no hard feelings if its the latter!

Today you have 3 choices:

  1. Hire someone cheap. Pay $200-$500 for a website. Experience the hassle, headache and the lack of results that comes with a cheap website.

  2. Get a web designer. Pay for a website that looks stunning. Realise a few months later that a great looking website doesn’t necessarily get you customers. Realise you have an expensive billboard that just sits there and does nothing.

  3. Invest in a High-Performance Website. Have a website that not only looks amazing, but is also focused on converting visitors into clients. Be proud of your investment.

    What will you choose?

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